Government Liars

Deception may the most important skill for for someone in public office today.

The recently indicted California State Senator Leland Yee is a perfect example. Yee was gun control crusader with with a history of introducing and voting for some the most restrictive gun laws in the history of the state of California. At the same time he was involved arms trafficking and corruption.

If you think Yee is some rare exception to the rule, I would suggest that you dig a bit deeper.  If the on going hypocrisy of public stance vs. private actions isn’t bad enough we have a US Senator, Marco Rubio,  calling out the Russian government as a “Government of Liars”. Well, in this case perhaps… “it takes one to know one” or maybe… “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

As the voting public, we must not abide any lack of transparency or basic morality from our elected officials. If they betray our confidence, we must vote them out! Even for the most insignificant indiscretion.



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The Future Must Be Rational and Humanist

The apathetic and entitled masses in this country have allowed the government to be corrupted by the elitists that pander to poor while stealing from the middle class and giving to the wealthy. We deserve what we get for letting these looters into Congress and the White House. The time has come for voters to educate themselves and vote with an informed conscious and determined mind. The path that we are on can only lead to a world that is both morally and financially bankrupt! Don’t be confused, if you are a contributing member of society, both the right and the left want to take your money and redistribute it. On this point the only difference between them is who they want to redistribute it to.

I’ve been a Republican my entire adult life but increasingly I find difficult to align myself with a party who’s values are further and further from my own. Especially, when it comes to the far right wing and Tea Party Republicans. So, here I am on the verge of changing my party affiliation, but to which party? Who will represent the center, the rational, the humanist, the nones, the free thinkers with an intellectual and minimalist government focused on individual freedom? Who will lead us to a future governed not by greed and dogma, but by pragmatism and natural order?


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Response to Congressman Jack Kingston

This post is in response to the recent article by Congressman Jack Kingston.

Mr. Kingston presents a great concept here with six excellent points. I doubt, however, that his fellow congressmen have the intestinal fortitude to stand behind such rational measures. Ultimately, we have to reduce the size and weight of government. I understand that when the game involves playing with millions, billions, and trillions of dollars it is hard for anyone to give up even the smallest amount of money for this cause or that, but that is what I have to do in my own household budget for a family of four. There’s always some give and take to ensure that we live within our means.

For example, I recently needed to purchased a car for my soon to be 16 year old daughter. The only way I could do it was by giving up my very nice two year old Ford F150. By trading down to a used Ford Escape, I was able to make room in my budget for a nice used car and the associated additional expenses for her.  It is past time that those in power in this country start making similar concessions. Cut the crap and the waste and balance the federal budget. The American dream needs a bit of updating… it isn’t fiscally possible for everyone to have everything.

I’m afraid that unless there are significant changes soon, we are headed towards a second civil war in this country. We are quite possibly teetering on the edge today. All it will take is for gas prices to double, or worse for food prices to escalate another 50%. The rate that the federal reserve is dumping cash into the economy is terrifying. I currently make a good living, our total household income is greater than ever before, but my purchasing power continues to weaken. I can feel the poverty line creeping up towards me. Very soon, I’m afraid that the poverty line will reach a level above the earning potential of recent college graduates. That makes no sense to me.

Very scary days indeed, and don’t even get me started about the Theocratic, Marxist, Communist, and Socialist idealist that continue to gradually siphon away our rights!

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The report of my death was an exaggeration

Datacenter“The report of my death was an exaggeration”  – Mark Twain

Much like the Mark Twain quotation from June 2, 1897 the death of the Information Technology (IT) department is a huge exaggeration today.

Yes, the environment in which we ply our trade is evolving very quickly, but it isn’t evolving towards the end. The days of hugh racks of servers in your own IT fortress is passing as we adopt more and more hosted solutions. Platform As A Service, Software As A Service, and yet unrealized services will radically change the work that the IT department does on a daily basis.

The IT department isn’t the racks of servers or the shelves full of spinning disks. The department really is the service provided by the men and women that keep all of the associated business processes running. The future of any IT  team is that of a service organization. Sure, some services can and will be outsourced, but smart IT leaders will only outsource non-core services that have peripheral impact on end users. The “Utility” nature of enduser expectations will drive the way we design and deliver services. Also, for many of us, the enduser is quickly becoming the customer as well as the employee. As the shift towards supporting customers becomes as important as supporting fellow employees, the way that we approach service will also need to shift. It will also open many doors and provide opportunities for the IT team to have a greater connection to and impact on the organization as a whole.

The world is changing but there will always a need for IT just as there will always be a need for the other common and essential departments within any enterprise.

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A quick stroll down to Key West

Two buddys and I had the crazy idea to ride motorcycles down to Key West and back. Roughly, 1200 miles round trip. A blast and a chalenge! Here are a few pics from the journey.

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Ben McLendon

Ben McLendon

I.T. Leader + Photographer + Musician

After serving in the U.S.A.F. I quickly found my place in Healthcare Information Technology. I've experienced great success as a technician, teacher, consultant, salesman, manager, entrepreneur, and leader.

For the last seven years I've had the pleasure of managing a great group of guys, the Information Technology team at Barnes Healthcare Services. I'm a hands on I.T. manager, so I write code, and queries, I turn knobs on every system from desktops to Servers to the VOIP platform. I'm passionate about all things I.T., but even more, I enjoy helping individuals and the organization grow!

I've also managed to find the time to develop my creative side working on Photography, Videography and Design projects including many theatrical videos, commercial photo shoots, weddings and other events.

I am life long musician. I've played a number of instruments over the last forty or so years: Drums, Piano, Guitar, and Bass. For the last few years, I've focused on developing my skills behind my drum kit.

When time and weather permits, I love hitting the open road on my Harley-Davidson StreetGlide. When the weather isn't so great, you may find me out in my shop working on my Honda CX500 bobber project.

Last but not least, I'm very concerned about the social and political environment here in the United States. There is a growing momentum towards tyranny and the erosion of our freedoms. The Constitution is regularly trounced on by those in power who use the arguments like ‘safety of the many is more important than freedom of the one’. Sorry I must disagree. I also feel strongly about the separation of church and state. For me freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. As a skeptic, atheist, secular humanist, and otherwise freethinker any incursion of religious dogma into our government is very concerning to me.

Oh, by the way. The brands shown here manufacture the products that I use.

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