CX500 First Color Coat

I laid down the first color coat (plain red paint) on the tins this morning. After some drying time they get wet sanded with 800 grit paper. Then I’ll apply the red metallic paint.

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CX500 Project Resumes!

The CX500 project is moving once again. I’m unable to ride for at least another month due to my fractured left radius… so why not work on the project bike.

The plan is to have all of the frame components and tins in paint by the end of the week. I’ve decided to use the Duplicolor Paint Shop paints… let’s see how it goes.



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The report of my death was an exaggeration

Datacenter“The report of my death was an exaggeration”  — Mark Twain

Much like the Mark Twain quotation from June 2, 1897 the death of the Information Technology (IT) department is a huge exaggeration today.

Yes, the environment in which we ply our trade is evolving very quickly, but it isn’t evolving towards the end. The days of hugh racks of servers in your own IT fortress is passing as we adopt more and more hosted solutions. Platform As A Service, Software As A Service, and yet unrealized services will radically change the work that the IT department does on a daily basis.

The IT department isn’t the racks of servers or the shelves full of spinning disks. The department really is the service provided by the men and women that keep all of the associated business processes running. The future of any IT  team is that of a service organization. Sure, some services can and will be outsourced, but smart IT leaders will only outsource non-core services that have peripheral impact on end users. The “Utility” nature of enduser expectations will drive the way we design and deliver services. Also, for many of us, the enduser is quickly becoming the customer as well as the employee. As the shift towards supporting customers becomes as important as supporting fellow employees, the way that we approach service will also need to shift. It will also open many doors and provide opportunities for the IT team to have a greater connection to and impact on the organization as a whole.

The world is changing but there will always a need for IT just as there will always be a need for the other common and essential departments within any enterprise.

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A quick stroll down to Key West

Two buddys and I had the crazy idea to ride motorcycles down to Key West and back. Roughly, 1200 miles round trip. A blast and a chalenge! Here are a few pics from the journey.

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Street Glide and Crates

The other day, on the way home, I noticed these crates stacked up at an industrial site near downtown. One side of the crates was facing east, perfect for a an early morning shoot. I grabbed the camera and the tripod Sunday morning and headed into town. As I rode up I looked around and picked the spot. Each of the photos are from three exposures: One normal, One 2 over, and one 2 under. I use a program called luminance-hdr to process the three images into one and then finish them in photoshop.

The bike is my 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

Thanks for reading!

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I've also managed to find the time to develop my creative side working on Photography, Videography and Design projects including many theatrical videos, commercial photo shoots, weddings and other events.

I am life long musician. I've played a number of instruments over the last forty or so years: Drums, Piano, Guitar, and Bass. For the last few years, I've focused on developing my skills behind my drum kit.

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