CX 500 Day 51

Sorry for the break in routine updates, but it was Ballet week so there was little free time with that going on all week.

Good progress Saturday on the Seat Pan. This is version 3 of the seat pan, I guess third time is the charm in this case. I wasn’t happy with the steel seat pan and I had seen some good examples of seat pans in fiberglass so I thought I’d give it a shot. The first attempt in fiberglass had a few defects, so I tossed it and went at it again with some valuable lessons learned. This one will work nicely.

One thing I did differently was I used alternating layers of fiberglass cloth and fiberglass mat. This makes for a very strong final result.

I’ve also been working on the front fender for several days. I just wasn’t happy with shape after the initial chop. I finished grinding, sanding and blasting it Saturday I think it is close now… maybe one more pass in the glass bead cabinet.

Seat Pan V3

Front Fender V2


2 thoughts on “CX 500 Day 51

    1. Sorry, but I’m not the one in a tutu… that would be my daughter.

      I formed the seat using a technique similar to the one found here. Since my bike isn’t painted yet I was a bit less careful and only used blue masking tape and a bit of plastic.

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