Lunch Challenge

Several weeks ago I heard about a group in a medical office that go to lunch together once a week but they have an interesting twist. They never go to the same place twice. I thought it was a pretty cool idea and I was able to talk the guys into giving it a shot. One more twist, each week we will take turns selecting the restaurant… as the weeks go on that will be the real challenge.

Today was our third time out, so here’s a recap.

Week 1: Jimmy John’s
This a nice clean place. Ordering and food prep was quick, even though the line was practically out the door. The food was fresh and we all enjoyed our meal.

Week 2: Honey Baked
Another nice place but kinda “quiet”. Ordering was easy and quick but the food prep was a tad slow. The meal was ok.

Week 3: Barberitos
A unique store design and visually interesting but the menu is a bit intimidating. Ordering and food prep was quick and easy. The food was very good with a nice balance of flavor and heat.

I’ll post an update each week as we try more new places.


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