Lunch Challenge – Week 6

Joels’s pick this week was Mongo located on North Ashley Street. We arrived for a late lunch and we were able to walk in and sit right down. A server came to the table straight away and provided us with our order cards. OK, here’s the twist. The menu contains some typical selections but big deal is the raw food bar. Yes, Raw. You are provided a large bowl for rice and veggies, a small bowl for proteins and an even smaller bowl for sauce. Working your way down the bar and select from the clearly labeled items to FILL your three bowls. Drop off your tray with the cooks and head back to your table. Moments later a server returns to the table with your piping hot meal. But if it isn’t “Hot” enough for you, you can hit it with the Sriracha sauce waiting for you there at your table, YUM!

Mongo is a a well executed change of pace for anyone who enjoys Asian style food that breathes new life in to an old Valdosta restaurant location.


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