CX 500 Frame In Primer

If you’ve been following along, then you know that I’ve been blasting the frame with soda. Man, was it was going slow. I got back on the internet looking for some alternatives. As my research went on I discovered something… several of the big paint manufactures advise against the use of soda for paint removal. Why? Because it leaves behind residue that can cause paint adhesion issues. Great!!

After pressure washing the frame with soapy water and rinsing with water for quite a while (and left out in the sun to dry), the next day I started over blasting the frame with “Black Diamond”. Wow! This stuff is amazing: Inexpensive, very effective at paint and rust removal, safe (less than 1% silica)and it is environmentally friendly. It took me less than four hours to go over the entire frame and there isn’t a speck of paint or rust anywhere.

Bottom line, ignore all of the marketing hype about soda and get some “real” abrasive blast media. Safety note: make sure you use a Niosh canister respirator when blasting with any abrasive material.

Frame In Primer


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